The purpose of the House of the University of California in Mexico and the programs related to the UC-Mexico Initiative and the University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States (UC MEXUS) are designed to provide a dedicated mechanism to develop new programs and partnerships with academia, government, corporations, and foundations in Mexico and the United States.
The fundamental objective of these programs is to create a sustained and strategic partnership between the entities of the University of California and the institutions in Mexico to address common issues and thus educate our next generation of leaders. These initiatives celebrate our common heritage and focus on key areas of interest to the United States and Mexico, such as education, energy, environment, health, migration, and technology.


The UCEAP (University of California Foreign Education Program) offers four different programs for University of California (UC) students to study in Mexico. These programs range in scope from five weeks to a year, and can be carried out in a wide range of sites, from Mexico City, to various universities throughout the Mexican Republic, to Sacramento, the capital of the State of California. . The different modalities are encapsulated in the following programs:

  • Contemporary Mexico – Summer Program, Mexico City
  • Field Research Program – Summer and Fall Semester Program
  • UNAM – Summer and autumn, spring or full year
  • Leadership Program in Social Justice and Public Policy – Fall in Mexico City, Spring in Sacramento