To the development, consolidation and strengthening of academic and outreach research in Mexico. A meeting space for the exchange of ideas from both sides of the border. It is essential that researchers, academics and students promote education and training with a binational approach to consolidate the economic success of our nations.

The University of California (UC) has a long history of strong partnerships and innovative collaborative efforts with Mexico. The creation of Alianza UCMX in 2019 was achieved through the integration of three pre-existing programs throughout the UC system: the UC Institute for Mexico and the United States (UC MEXUS), the House of the University of California in Mexico A.C. (Casa de California), and the UC-Mexico Initiative. UC Riverside is the host campus for Alianza UCMX. Alianza UCMX fosters strategic alliances between the UC system and its counterparts in Mexico, with universities, and with government, industry, and communities on both sides of the border. We seek the development and dissemination of knowledge that addresses issues of mutual interest. Our goal is to educate and train the next generation of binational leaders. We want to be useful for decision makers in both countries, translating our research and experiences into improving public policies. We will serve as a model for binational collaboration, one that works in full and equal partnership between the University of California and Mexico.



The University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States (UC MEXUS), established in 1980, is an academic research institute dedicated to encouraging, securing, and contributing to binational and Latino research, as well as collaborative academic programs and exchanges. . UC MEXUS ‘primary focus is to contribute substantially to enhancing binational academic understanding and to provide positive contributions to society in both Mexico and the United States, particularly in the graduate and professional areas.


In 2005, the House of the University of California in Mexico became a reality. Located in the historic and colonial Chimalistac, a late 19th century Casona built by the Pulido family is now the headquarters of one of the most prestigious Universities and educational excellence in the world.

Before its acquisition by the University of California, it was the residence of the prominent Mexican architect Francisco Artigas and the Training Center of the National Bank of Mexico.