University of California Mexico City

Casa de la Universidad de California en México

Casa de California Executive Director Appointed (pdf)

Welcome to Casa de la Universidad de California, A.C., the University of California’s hub/mini-campus in Mexico City, located in the colonial neighborhood of Chimalistac, only a few blocks away from the University of Mexico campus (UNAM).

The mission of Casa de la Universidad de California is to expand the university’s academic research and outreach in Mexico and to serve as a meeting space for the exchange of ideas by scholars and students from both sides of the border. The ties between the state of California and Mexico are expected to increase in the coming decades. It is therefore critical that scholars and students from both sides of the border get to know each other, learn and work together, and begin to develop bi-national approaches to face the economic, environmental, and social challenges that lie ahead.

In today’s global economy, the University of California’s commitment to promote academic exchange and the development of transnational collaborative research projects in Mexico is visionary and will help to prepare the state for the challenges of the 21st Century.

It is important to note that the University of California’s ties with Mexico are not new. They date back to at least the 1910 Mexican Revolution, when Francisco I. Madero, a UC Berkeley alumni, led the struggle to modernize Mexico under the banner of political democracy and social justice. A more recent Mexican UC graduate is Chemistry Nobel Prize recipient Mario Molina, currently a professor at UCSD and an adviser to President Barack Obama on climate change.

Many other UC graduates have studied or done research in Mexico and have written classic works, such as Lesley Byrd Simpson’s remarkable Many Mexicos, and countless other UC humanists and scientists who have contributed their expertise to the knowledge of Mexico and to the relation between our neighboring nations. The role of Casa de la Universidad de California is to continue fostering and furthering this rich educational and intellectual engagement, which has been beneficial for both countries.

Casa de la Universidad de California currently houses the UC Education Abroad Program in Mexico and provides a meeting space for activities organized by the UC alumni in Mexico, UC affiliates, and other institutions and individuals interested in using our facilities for purposes that are consistent with the University of California’s mission.

Casa de la Universidad de California is a lively intellectual space hosting academic programs, seminars, scholarly meetings, lectures, book presentations and other cultural events.

We cordially invite you to participate in this effort to enrich and expand this enduring dialogue between California and Mexico by attending our events, holding conferences and research seminars in our facilities, or participating in our academic activities.